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Connecting the over 1,300 collaborators around the world, we launched our digital platform for people management:

*Berryconnect, to involve our collaborators in the digital processes, increase their self-management, exchange knowledge between our subsidiary companies, generate a sense of belonging amount our collaborators, no matter the physical place they are located at.

*Hortifrut University, on-line learning platform to access our global training plan, corporate onboarding training program, links to other platforms, and benefits related to other learning institutions.

*Hortifrut JAM, corporate social network allowing to keep our collaborators up to date, form collaborative workgroups, and access company information via any mobile device anywhere.

To carry out our digital implementation projects successfully, we are aware of incorporating our collaborators in every stage of the process. Thus, we walk along with every team on their change management path, generating initiatives that allow for better adoption of this new method for work and continue with the digitalization process at Hortifrut.

We develop and promote talent: PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT

We have implemented an annual process for Performance Management, as a tool that aims to plan the performance of our collaborators, directing the individual objectives toward the objectives of the Company, based on our general and specific corporate skills, and according to the roles each of them play.


Developing people is a fundamental pillar for the future, our collaborators are our main competitive differentiating factor in an increasingly demanding company; therefore, we have invested in programs that allow for a wider vision of the current world demands, executing technical specializations, generating networking instances with peers from the industry and the world, encouraging the use of technology.

We have annual training programs covering multiples topics and considering different learning areas, such as regulatory and technical aspects, languages, leadership, office software, and quality of life.


Every two years the Work Climate and Commitment Survey is held, aimed to know the perception of our collaborators about the organization, namely work climate, degree of satisfaction, and commitment, as well as defining interventions and aspects to be worked during the following 2 years. In its last version included the participation of the subsidiary companies from Chile, Peru, Mexico, Brazil, and the US, and had a great participation of 91%, considering the participation standard is 70% on similar surveys.

*78.3% satisfaction level

*80.7% commitment level (which is over the International Benchmarking of 72.9%)

*92.3% on the statement “I am proud of working at Hortifrut”